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Virtual Finance Director

Outsource your finances to reclaim your time

A Virtual Finance Director provides everything an ‘in-house’ Financial Director would usually do, at a fraction of the cost. Best financial practises, full financial analysis and comprehensive financial planning.

“I don’t have enough time to do all this!”

You have a business you’re proud of.

You’ve worked hard to get it to where it is. But you never seem to have any time to work on the strategy needed to keep growing your business.

Instead you’re fighting fires, managing staff, dealing with customers, trying to win new business; all the while trying to make sense of your finances!

You know you need someone on board to drive your business forward, but you aren’t sure which financial systems to put in place and how to grow a team you can rely on.

The solution:

a Virtual Finance Director

Don’t let the word ‘virtual’ put you off, I’ll be at the end of a phone or an email and we’ll see each other on a monthly basis.

You’ll hand responsibility of managing your finance function to me. I become a combination of a sounding board, business coach, and strategic financial expert partnering up with you to help you achieve your business objectives.

It’s far more cost effective than spending £100k+ on a full time Financial Director and it’s flexible. You can increase or decrease your package depending on the needs in your business.

Here’s the topline

As your Virtual Financial Director, I can help you to…


Make Beneficial Decisions

Synchronisation of your financial data with your business objectives ensures you receive useful management information to help you make better decisions.


Get Timely Analysis

Provision of real time management information with analysis in a timely manner.


Find Helpful Advice

Strategic financial input on growing your business.


Support Your Team

Having your finance staff report to someone who can hold them to account.


Save You Money

An efficiently run finance system using the latest tech to save you money.


Grow Your Business

Assistance with helping you obtain finance to grow your business.


Increase Your Profits

Helping you to build a profitable and sustainable business.


Manage Your Risk

Managing financial risk in your business that may otherwise catch you unawares.

Your package options in detail

Aside from the essential things you need to be compliant (your typical ‘accountant-y’ stuff), I can provide you with the following.

Dedicated Financial Director Contact

Me! At the end of a phone, Zoom, or email. Read more about me here.

Overview and support to your internal finance staff
Support to your in-house finance team, to make sure everyone can be as productive and efficient as possible.
Health check on existing finance function systems & processes

Inefficiencies cost money. I’ll find them and help you fix them.

Full management reporting

Creating real time management reports is crucial in helping you to make better business decisions. I’ll make sure you get them regularly along with my analysis to help make sense of the numbers.

Unlimited email and telephone support
Ask away. Don’t worry about incurring extra costs. If something does fall outside of the agreed scope of services, I’ll let you know prior to proceeding. You’ll never have a surprise bill from me!
Implement suggestions from review to generate efficiencies
We work together to implement any suggestions that arise from the financial health check. This may include things like improving your payment procedures or invoicing processes through automation to free up time, reduce the risk of errors, & get cash in faster.
Cost control: Expense monitoring, analysis and advice

It is important to keep a handle on costs & cost anomalies. I’ll put processes in place to keep everything in check.

Credit control review and improvement
Difficulties with cash flow is often due to poor invoicing and cash collection procedures. I’ll review your credit control procedures and help you implement strategies to get cash into your account faster.
What-if analysis and financial projections to aid decision making
Some investments or incurring costs can take time to bear fruit. I can help build projections to model the impact these investments could have on your business. Forewarned is forearmed, after all.
Cash flow forecasting set up and monitoring
I will help you build, monitor and update your cash flow forecast so it gives you clear visibility over future cash balance and requirements.
Review of industry specific apps and implementation
There are over 1,000 apps for cloud accounting. I will make recommendations on apps that can integrate into your cloud accounting software that save time and money. Some will be industry specific to you, some more general.
Risk management
I will identify the key financial risks in your business and assist you in mitigating that risk so you don’t lose money.
Dashboard to track relevant financial and non-financial KPI’s

Having a dashboard with your financial and non-financial KPIs will help you and your team track progress and achieve your goals.

Strategic planning to set goals and monitoring
We’ll have a strategic planning session to understand your short, medium and long term goals. I’ll work with you to implement a series of targets to help you to achieve them.
Monthly accountability programme and support
We’ll have a monthly video call or meeting to help you work through your strategic action plan and provide help and support. Being held accountable by a third party helps you take the actions necessary to grow.
Raising finance and investor reporting
Depending on your growth plans, you may need to raise finance or restructure existing finance. I can make representations on your behalf to a wide network of financiers, to help you get the finance you need to sustain and grow your business.
Exit strategy development and formulation
If you are looking to scale your business and are targeting an exit strategy, you need a plan to ensure you get maximum value for the time, money and energy you have put into building your business. I’ll work with you to develop an exit strategy that does just that.
Non-exec Financial Director role assumed for third party credibility

If you are accountable to other shareholders or investors, or have taken on risk finance, you may be required to have a non exec Financial Director on board. I’m happy to perform that role for no extra cost within this package, to give you the credibility required and reassure your financiers.

The investment?
Often less than the hire of a junior member of your team.

The price of this service is fully deductible for tax purposes, which means that HMRC will refund you a portion of this cost subject to the rate of corporation tax you pay. Also note that there is no employer’s national insurance as there would be for an employed FD (saving 13.8%).

Monthly payment of my fees make it easier for you to budget.

The Next Step? Book a Call.

If you’re looking for a long-term accountant, with experience of working with businesses of all sizes, then book a call for an informal chat.